Children and Families

Head Start and Early Head Start
The Head Start (Region V) programs offer comprehensive child development programs for children birth through five and their families.
Agency Name: Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.
Contact Phone Number: 1.800.584.7020

West Adventure Center
West Adventure Center is a Collaborative Preschool Program between the Norman County West School District and Tri-Valley Head Start.
Agency: West Adventure Center
Contact: 218.861.6738 or 1.877.861.3738

Area Special Education Cooperative
The purpose of ASEC is to assist the local school districts in meeting and serving the student with special needs. ASEC is a cooperative of 13 school districts in northwestern Minnesota. The Cooperative was formed in 1969 by agreement of local schools to provide a full range of specialized services to children on a district level.
Agency: Area Special Education Cooperative (ASEC)
Contact: 218.773.0315 or 1.866.687.2732